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Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon is a minimally invasive method used in the treatment of obesity. This approach is typically chosen when diet and lifestyle changes prove insufficient for weight loss. The gastric balloon is a balloon that can be inflated and is placed in the stomach through an endoscopic procedure. It partially fills the stomach cavity, promoting a feeling of fullness and reducing the individual’s food intake. The balloon remains in the stomach for a specified period, usually between six months and one year, after which it is removed.

Among the advantages of this method are its non-surgical nature, quick application, and potential to support weight loss. However, it is crucial to recognize that the gastric balloon offers a temporary solution. After removal, it is essential for individuals not to revert to their previous habits and to maintain lifestyle changes.

Gastric balloon procedures come with certain risks and side effects. Temporary issues such as infection, stomach pain, and nausea can arise during the placement or removal of the balloon. Additionally, the pressure the balloon exerts on the stomach wall during its presence can lead to complications like stomach ulcers.

While the gastric balloon can be an option in the fight against obesity, it may not be suitable for every individual. Healthcare professionals assess factors such as the individual’s overall health, the level of obesity, and other considerations before recommending this treatment option. Furthermore, seeking the guidance of a dietitian or specialist is crucial for individuals to sustain weight loss and adopt a healthy lifestyle after the use of a gastric balloon.

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